for ALL who live or work in Sonoma County.



Trauma Informed Care (TIC) 102

Resilience and Regulation for Self and Community in the Workplace

In this 4-part training series, you will learn how to mitigate the impacts of complex trauma in the workplace.

You will have the opportunity to experiment with different strategies and skills that can help improve your individual practice of self-regulation and resilience, as well as promote resilience and regulation in your broader community.

You will also receive a review of key concepts previously discussed in our Trauma-Informed Care: Fundamentals (TIC101) course and in our "From ICT to Trauma-Sensitive Practices" course. [And, if you missed TIC101, you can access it here, free of charge.]

November 9th, 2-4pm

Part 1: Trauma Informed, Trauma Sensitive and Resilient at Work

  • Review of the fundamental concepts of Trauma Informed Care.
  • Exploring what it means to build a trauma-informed, trauma-sensitive, and healing-focused organization.
  • Comparison of definitions of resilience and explanation of its impact on workplaces.
  • Calculation of your personal 'resilience score'.
  • Practice 7 strategies to build resilience at work.
  • Discussion on organizational resilience.

November 16th, 2-4pm

Part 2: Bonds At Work

  • Review key concepts and explore strategies for connection.​
  • Definition of Complex Trauma (CT) and listing of the three key areas that CT affects.
  • Explanation of how the ARC Framework addresses the three impact areas of TC and how it relates to the Neuro-sequential Model.
  • Discussion of the key objectives and components of the Link in the ARC Framework.
  • Exploring bonding practices that can enhance resilience at work.

November 30th2-4pm

Part 3: Regulation At Work

  • Review how the ARC Framework supports resilience.
  • List the two main objectives of the [Self-] Regulation of the ARC.
  • Reflect on your current self-regulation needs and practices.
  • Explore organizational practices that can improve employee resilience.
  • Practice self-regulation techniques that can improve your resilience.Develop or revisit your Self-Care Plan.


December 7th, 2-4pm

Part 4: Competent and Healing-Focused at Work

  • Review how the ARC Framework supports resilience.
  • List the objective and critical components of the ARC Competition.
  • Examine competency practices that can improve resilience.
  • Explain how Healing-Centered Engagement addresses the perceived limitations of trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive practices.
  • Explore Healing-Focused techniques that can promote resilience.

About Hanna Institute


The Hanna Institute equips and empowers individuals and organizations with the trauma-informed tools they need to help people in their community. From ICT training and certifications for individuals and organizations to large-scale partnerships, the Institute is a leading voice in helping adolescents and adults heal from trauma and look toward a brighter future.

Join us as we expand our knowledge, skills, and commitment to disrupting trauma in our community, organizations, and ourselves.

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Each session will be translated live into Spanish with Spanish slides available.